Broken Chair offers workshops for schools that include team building, contact improvisation and more.

Why Education?

When Broken Chair formed, we had little to no experience of devising physical theatre despite years of education in the arts. Since then, our attempts to tell stories with our bodies have taught us so much about the joy of movement and the potential of theatre as a physical, emotional, and educational tool.

We believe that school children (particularly those in the 11 – 16 range with an interest in performance) do not receive adequate exposure to non-naturalistic forms of theatre, and as such develop a limited view of what the medium can achieve. We would like to be the first point of contact for such students, showing them that the spoken word is not the only way to tell a story and giving them the creative tools to express ideas through movement.

In February 2017 we visited Chichester Free School. It was a positive experience and we are interested in booking more school workshops. If you would like Broken Chair to visit your school or college, pop us an e-mail to